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We manage all of your IT services remotely and our help desk team.

About Managed Services

Handling and managing all your IT issues can be a considerable task, especially with multiple devices across multiple locations. Keeping this in mind, our managed IT Services are designed to support your company by offering fully managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. We implement structured and scalable solutions with a proactive approach to problem solving, to manage all your systems and keep them up and running all the time.

Implemented, managed and supported by our specialist team, we ensure to provide hassle-free and immediate access to your data, applications and systems, saving you time and money.

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Office 365

How We Do It


Maintain Maximum Uptime.

With AltF9’s managed server services, you can access your data, applications and systems anytime, without a significant up-front investment. From setting up and configuring basic entry level servers to something more advanced and customized - we make sure things are configured, coordinated, installed, maintained, and deployed for your success. We focus on your critical servers, so you can focus on your business initiatives.


Solutions to Maximize Business Performance.

At AltF9, we offer quality infrastructure management services to monitor network performance via dashboards, and take up complete responsibility of the day-to-day network operations and maintenance. Our team of certified network professionals implement the right tools, understand where the network is failing, and assess if your current technology is effectively meeting your needs or not, to help you make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the curve.


Safeguard and Protect your Business Data.

Your data is essential in running your business. Scheduled Data backup helps store a copy of your data, so that it can be retrieved if original data has been lost, stolen, or corrupted due to unanticipated reasons. Explore powerful and reliant backup for cloud, virtual and physical workloads with our unique services. Our monitoring tool backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it off site. A check of backup logs lets you re-access your data quickly so your business continues to thrive and grow.


Optimize Your Infrastructure and Increase Agility.

The success of any business depends on smooth day to day operations through an efficient network of workstations. Cluttered and unmonitored computers will run slowly, which in turn leads to a decrease in productivity. You need to optimize your systems by protecting them from viruses and spyware to keep everything running quickly and smoothly.  Our Workstation Management services monitor your network activity and enable your systems to run at peak efficiency to benefit your business from a technical standpoint.


Unlimited and Flexible Desk Assistance.

Our helpdesk services allow us to log, track and remediate issues without setting foot on your property. We plug into your network from afar, and solve issues like slow computers, equipment failures, connectivity issues, or any other tech woes, with ease and speed. Our knowledgeable engineers are dedicated to addressing any issue and help you focus on maximizing business outcomes


Protect Your Business from Threats.

AT AltF9, we identify and address potential threats through timely analytics and remediation routines, before they snowball into threats. Our comprehensive security services minimize the risk of security incidents by ensuring critical operations are secured with response workflows, data privacy, compliance tools, and more, for complete peace of mind.


Automate and Enhance your Business Operations.

AltF9 has helped hundreds of companies scale seamlessly and operate more efficiently with cloud technologies. Based on a thorough evaluation, we help organizations migrate application and data servers to the cloud. We build a detailed cloud migration plan by assessing your current workloads, server configurations, security concerns, compliance requirements, and application interdependencies. Our suite of cloud services ensure you get the capacity and functionality you need–whenever you need it.

office 365

Access to Office Anytime, Anywhere.

From configuration and deployment, to adoption and maintenance, we help you overcome skill gaps and unleash the power of your Office 365 with dedicated and continuous support. We monitor your system and provide a range of insights and tools to optimize the way you integrate, use and manage your Office 365 and receive the maximum benefits of Office 365.

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