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Why Virtualization

In an increasingly dynamic, agile and connected world, Virtualization is critical for achieving many strategic IT goals. The foundation for cloud computing, Virtualization empowers you to eliminate the cost and space associated with your business, by delivering everything you need over the Internet instead.

We create a virtual version of all your infrastructure, software and systems, allowing you to access them in the cloud, anytime and anywhere. Our Virtualization service deploys all tools and support required to avoid any underutilization of resources, while increasing efficiency of our clients.


The Smarter & Simplified Way to Workflow.

Application virtualization allows you to access and use an application from a separate device than the one on which the application is installed. A great feature for remote offices, it decreases the size and complexity of your infrastructure, while parallelly increasing the security.

We enable peak performance with quick migration and secure remote access to high-performance applications. We build your solution, install, configure, test and pilot all the necessary components, making it simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate.


Access Desktop from any Computing Device.

Desktop virtualization is a fully managed secure solution that helps organizations to set up a complete remote desktop environment located in a centralized location for their employees.

With our Desktop virtualization services you can customize and quickly provide a highly configured desktop to employees which they can access anywhere & from any device connected to the internet. We install drivers, eliminate complexity and ensure you get the benefits of an uninterrupted workforce, which only enhances overall productivity and business continuity.


Streamlined Computing Infrastructure.

Quite often the computing resources are largely wasted in standalone machines and computers. Collectively the computing waste of all the machines put together in your organization can be enormous. 

With AltF9 Hardware Virtualization services, you can host numerous computing resources on one single server. Consolidating and centralizing all your computer infrastructure, the goal is to help you cut down on your energy and maintenance costs.

Network Virtualization

Simple Networks for Improved Productivity.

With new challenges disrupting networks, organizations need to virtualize their traditional networks like routing, firewalling, load balancing and virtual private networks to remain agile. Network virtualization combines hardware and software resources, allowing you to manage your networks the same way you would, but with greater versatility and built-in management.

At AltF9, we help you move virtual machines across different domains without reconfiguring the network. Our strategic approach moves networks from static and inflexible networks, to dynamic, agile, and optimized networks for simplified operations and reduced cost.

Storage Virtualization

Single Point, Convenient Data Storage.

Constantly enhancing technology in your organization might quite often pose challenges with managing large amounts of storage. You might want to consider integrating data from different networks, vendors, or data centers into one logical view and be able to manage them from a one single point.

AltF9 storage virtualization services separate the software from the underlying hardware infrastructure, and pool them all into one resource to enhance the efficiency of storage space. Our automated, policy-driven storage services, aim to leverage your storage infrastructure and aid in making better capacity planning decisions.

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