Enhancing Value by giving back to the society

Supported by wealth of knowledge and expertise, we at AltF9 endeavor to provide most impactful and effective CSR services. Our CSR vision is to positively contribute towards change by imparting our knowledge and expertise of digital transformation to benefit the society in our own ways.

At AltF9, we measure our success by how we positively impact people. Our goal: Small and humble beginnings to add value to the society.

Education Programmes

With a motive to make constant efforts towards social upliftment, AltF9 is involved in an array of educational Programmes equipping and empowering students to know about the technological improvements and create ripples in the future.  

We conduct webinars and online seminar to teach a broad mix of digital technologies and enrich college students with the foundation to reach full potential and increase their productivity at future placements. We aim to expand their existing knowledge and value add with our resources.

Development Programmes

When workforce is driven by passion, they become more impactful. This program is designed to offer end-to-end Google Developing training and tutorials to aspiring learners through online courses and help them gain recognition for their development skills. We have invested substantial resources into such philanthropic activities and aim to make lives better for more people across India.