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Why DevOps

Whether you are a startup or a mature organization, today's business requirements of application development calls for an updated, agile IT lifecycle approach. The operations and development process needs to work in harmony through the entire project lifecycle, from design and development process to production releases and support. Only by bridging the gap between development and operational services, businesses can drive innovation and transformation.

Why DevOps with Alt F9
(Streamline Your Workflow)

Implementing DevOps with Alt F9 means continuous integration and continuous delivery of value. Our DevOps service manages infrastructure, procedures and tools, delivery and maintenance of software operations. We implement End to End Testing and ensure on-boarding of applications by facilitating and automating delivery across platforms. As a skilled DevOps service provider, we focus on a practice to enhance the entire software setup, from collaboration to communication and integration in an optimum manner.

Alt F9’s expert pool of consultants, accelerate the process to deliver applications and software services at high speed and high velocity, helping you learn and satisfy the market and improve your ROI.

DevOps and Innovations

Our ground breaking solutions go beyond just introducing new tools and engines. We analyze software cycle, your infrastructure and nature of your work stream to bring your team together. We strive to maintain a systematic approach and guide enterprises to achieve higher efficiency, better quality of software builds, and align with their goals.


Today, the threat landscape in the IT world is dynamic. Regardless of your business size, industry and geography, the proliferation of disruptive technologies like mobile, cloud and big data has been increasingly impacting protection strategies. Any unprotected device, misstep, or vulnerability in your infrastructure can lead to a catastrophic breach, and risk the complete enterprise data and intellectual property.

As an international IT security services provider, we address the key challenges faced by enterprises today and offer a complete range of cybersecurity solutions. From analysis and monitoring to development and implementation, our holistic risk driven approach helps reduce Business Risks and ensures compliance, and Business Continuity.

Endpoint Security
(Comprehensive Security Compliance)

With the ever-increasing serious cyber-attacks through data security breaches and malicious malware, your business data can be exposed to high risk.

Easily identifying vulnerabilities, our unified endpoint security services make it possible to be protected against the widest array of threats including out-of-date software and improper security configurations. Our proven framework complies with highest level of safety processes and delivers best practices to help you gain greater visibility and control over your IT infrastructure.

Network Security
(Keep Network Intruders at Bay)

Any organization that wants to protect its reputation, must first safeguard its network and protect their proprietary information from attack. From viruses and spyware to hackers and identity theft, a strong defense against these requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and breaches that can cause damage to your company network.

We at Alt F9, we take preventive steps and assure that all your devices are provisioned, upgraded and monitored to keep away any threat that can wreak havoc. Our strategy combines multiple layers of defenses allowing only authorized users to gain access to network resources, and assuring malicious actors are blocked from carrying out exploits and threats.

Cloud Security
(Establish a Strong Cloud Security Foundation)

In a safe, secure and protected environment, the cloud offers a myriad of benefits like agility, scalability, and flexibility. However, these benefits can be offset by the harmful impact of security breaches.

Crafting a comprehensive approach to monitor, manage & enhance data protection through cloud native and integrated technologies, we infuse security at every point of your cloud environment from concept to operations and help you stay focused on your core mission.